DPM 400 D Voltage and Current Protection Relay

DEMA 400 Series IEDs comprise of state-of-art digital relays for voltage (VPM 400-D), non-directional overcurrent (CPM 400-D), directional overcurrent (DPM 400-D) and motor (MPM 400-D) protection. All 400 Series relays are designed and optimized to provide facilities highest performance, robust operation and numerous assembly, commissioning, service advantages.

DEMA 400 Series Digital Protection Relays are type tested in internationally accredited laboratories to comply with IEC 60255, IEC 60529, IEC 60695, IEC 60068 and IEC 61850 standards, and have been introduced into service under the guarantee of ISO9001:2008.

Introduced into the market in 2017, DEMA 400 Series products have already been the relay of choice for many industrial facilities, renewable energy plants and medium voltage power distribution centres.